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We have set up a system of auctioning property online that is not only compliant with all legislation, but creates a totally different experience for all parties involved in the transaction. We hope you will join with us in making this the preferred method of buying and selling real estate.

Here's how it goes.

   1. Invitation to Bid

As in any residential property auction, the legislation governs bidder registration. You must have the correct forms of your identification checked before you are able to bid. Once you have registered with the agent, you will receive an email to finalise this process onlne and select a secure PIN.

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   2. Confirming your information

Confirming your information

Once you receive the invitation, you will need to verify and confirm your identity. It is important that we ensure that you are the bidder who registered for the property. Personal information will be confirmed on the screen on the left. As mentioned above, you will also need to create your unique PIN which is only applicable to this auction. Once the auction has ended, your PIN will no longer be valid.

Your information will always reman confidential and will be protected under strict Privacy Legislation.

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   3. First time login

First time login

After you have confirmed registration details, you will need to login for the first time. This gives access to the property page which contains all relevant information including the contract for sale of land. It is also the first step to being able to bid.

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   4. Viewing the property page

Viewing the property page

Here you will find all the information about the property including the specified start and end times, the time remaining to the auction end as well as the updates of the auction while it is in process

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   5. Choosing your bidding number

Choosing your bidding number

Prior to making a bid, you will need to choose your bidders number. You will be able to enter your number of choice, and ideally it will be available for you. If it is not available, you will be required to enter another. As the bidding progresses, these numbers are logged next to each bid. This gives you an idea of your competition.

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   6. Making your first bid

Making your first bid

This is the most exciting part of the auction. Now you will be able to place your first bid on the property. You will be shown the starting bid, the next minimum bid increment as well as the current bid so you can make the right decision. For each bid, you will be required to enter your PIN number to ensure that it is you making the bid. You will also agree to our terms and conditions and accept that the bid is confirmed and cannot be retracted.

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   7. The Auction Ending

The Auction Ending

Before the bidding commences you will have made arrangements with the agent to sign the contract and lodge a deposit if you are the successful purchaser. If you are the highest bidder, and the reserve has been reached, you will be considered to have entered into a legally binding arrangement to purchase the property. At the fall of the virtual hammer, you will have until 5pm the following day to exchange contracts and pay the deposit. This can be done in a number of ways so it is essential that you discuss the options with your agent. Like any auction, the vendor of the property also enters into a binding contract so bidders know their rights are protected. PLEASE REMEMBER, YOU DO NOT PAY FOR THE PROPERTY, OR ANY PART OF IT, OVER THE INTERNET.

In the unlikely circumstance that you are unable to sign the contract within this time, the Auctioneer is empowered to sign on your behalf to make this a binding sale. If for any reason you find that you are physically unable to complete this step you should enquire from your agent or what options are available to you.

Remember, there is no cooling off period at a real estate auction in NSW, so you will need to complete the purchase.

If you are the highest bidder, but the reserve has not been reached, we offer you a service that is not available at a normal auction.

Under our terms and conditions we give you the sole right, as the highest bidder, to pay the reserve price and secure the property immediately at the end of the auction. This is before the property becomes available for negotiations to all interested parties, and is a major advantage for the highest bidder.

In order to be fair to all interested parties, we can only offer this option for 60 minutes after the end of the auction.

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Ok, that's about it.

There are many other details that you will see along the way, but this is the general way that everything happens, and the important points you need to know.

We are always interested in feedback on any points that you may care to talk to us about.

If you need clarification on any of this, first port of call is the FAQ section of the website. If you need to go further, please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or go to "Contact Us" in the navigation bar for details of our phone number and postal addresses.

We hope you enjoy using– It's so simple, why wouldn't you want to!