Who we are

With over 15 years experience and a reputation that precedes us, auctionWORKS remains a leader in the real estate industry by conducting over 2000 auctions annually on behalf of both corporate and independant agencies – but that’s not the only reason buyers turn to us everyday.

Our unmatched service and industry knowledge affords us an impressive 65% control of commercial properties in Sydney and 25% control in Melbourne. It’s our confidence in these growing figures that has allowed us to pioneer the residential and commercial online auctioning marketplace with auctionWORKSonline – a cut-through way to successfully auction property online.

Auctioning properties online is a proven and popular method that is closing sales online right now.

Just like Amazon.com and Ebay, the real estate industry is ideally positioned to benefit from the multi-faceted online auction space, and auctionWORKSonline is leading the industry by example.

The choice is clear.
The natural next step

Buyers are already researching property online, so it only makes sense to allow them to turn that research into a sale, right there online, using the power of online auctions. This popular alternative to traditional auctions means buyers can bid stress-free from anywhere at anytime.